Known Issue - Attendance Issues for Schools using the "Primary ADA Time" option from the 9/13/2022 version - FIXED 9/20/2022

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved with the 9/20/2022 release. Here are the Revision Notes: 

  • Classroom Attendance - The Primary ADA Time logic had the potential to lock attendance, fixed.
  • Teacher Attendance
    • The Primary ADA Time logic had the potential to update the wrong section number in the Class Attendance Submission Log (CAS) table, fixed.
    • Positive Attendance schools had the potential to not generate ASL records when clicking Mark Unmarked Students as Present, fixed.
    • The Submit button reappeared after being clicked in certain circumstances, fixed.

ISSUES:  As of the 9/13/2022 update, there are issues with attendance for schools using the School Options, "Primary ADA Time" feature:

  • Classroom Attendance page is displaying as read only
  • Teacher Attendance and Attendance by Photo pages are showing information for Primary ADA period only for some teachers 

We are working on the fixes now and it will ship as soon as it passes testing.

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