CALPADS - Current Known Issues ** FIXED 03/30/2023

CALPADS - Current Known Issues ** FIXED 3/30/2023

This page will be updated with the latest CALPADS information.  

Refer to the CALPADS Known Issues link for open CALPADS issues:  Current Known Issues - CALPADS User Manual



All issues have been resolved.


  • CALPADS has released the new SSID Matching Tool as of August 10th 2022.  Refer to this document for instructions on how to use the SSID Matching Results File to manually populate the SSID into Aeries into the State Student ID (STU.CID) field.   CALPADS Extracts - SSID Matching Tool  ***Released 03/30/2023. See CALPADS Extracts Identifiers
  • Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) Requests –  We will be working on utilizing the new CALPAD SSSID Match Results Output file to include an Import process in Aeries for easier SSID assignment.   **In Development

 November 22nd Update:   We have been notified by CALPADS that the SSID Matching Results file layout will be changed.  The expected release date is November 29th.  

  • STAS for Period Attendance Schools - Attendance History configuration (AHS table) process needs to be fixed for option: "Calculate Attendance Totals Based on Period Attendance "STAS extract occasionally fails for Negative Attendance Schools who are calculating Days attended by Period Attendance. **
    **The 6/23/22 update contains this fix.
    Follow the Aeries Idea to continue to be notified of the progress: 
  • CALPADS Extracts - SENR ODS Reconciliation – generate multiple files ***The 6/22/22 update contains this change.  See CALPADS Extracts - SENR ODS Reconciliation
    • Here are the Revision Notes:  CALPADS Extracts - The SENR Operational Data Store (ODS) tab now provides SENR extracts that are output in a zip file which contains separate files which are required due to changes with the operational key fields in the SENR extract. The sub-files are prepended with the order in which they should be uploaded, 001, 002, 003, etc. Further refinements of this process are planned, including redesigning the Enrollment Update page. Until then, please use this process for all SENR updates needed.   Note: Further refinements of this process are planned, including redesigning the Enrollment Update page. Until then, please use this process for all SENR updates needed.  
  • CALPADS SPRG ODS Extract ***The 6/21/22 Aeries update contains this fix.  Here are the Revision Notes: CALPADS Extracts - For California customers, the SPRG ODS Reconciliation Delete transaction file was being rejected by CALPADS due to a missing Academic Year field, fixed.
    • Since the CALPADS Post Redesign, the SPRG ODS Extract requested from CALPADS is missing the Academic Year and is causing the Aeries Delete files to fail when submitting to CALPADS. This is CALPADS Known Issue #6050. Aeries Programming will adjust the Aeries SPRG ODS Reconciliation process to add the Academic Year to the Delete files prevent the CALPADS Failed message and allow the records to post.
  • STAS Errors - ***The 6/13/22 the Aeries update contains fixes for these issues.  Here are the Revision Notes:

    • 6/13/22 Update - CALPADS STAS and Attendance History The Update Attendance History process no longer includes in-school suspensions as days present. The independent study counts are no longer included in any other counts. The Attendance History Configuration process must be run with this version to recalculate the Attendance History (AHS table) before creating the CALPADS STAS extract.

    • During our testing in the CALPADS Staging environment, we determined that the following STAS errors are generating due to incorrect STAS calculations.

      • STAS0306 - Invalid Days Attended in-Person

      • STAS0308 - Invalid In-School Suspension days attended

      • STAS0309 - Invalid Excused Non-Suspension days absent

      • STAS0318 - Invalid Total Absences and Days Attended

      • STAS0588 - Invalid ADA-Generating Independent Study Days

  • SELA Import Process -**On 5/31/22 CALPADS implemented their fix, so you can resume the SELA Reconciliation process
    Due to CALPADS error #6119 - “SELA ODS Extract not pulling most recent ELAS effective start date record”, we recommend NOT downloading a CALPADS SELA ODS file and using the Aeries SELA Import process until the error is fixed.  We did confirm that once the SELA ODS file is corrected, using the Aeries SELA Import process will correct the data in Aeries.

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The SELA import isn't working but we can still update LAC.EAC/EAD using the SSID Extract, correct?

Thank you! Love how Aeries stays on top of these issues! Y'all are very appreciated!

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My testing center is updating CALPADS manually, and then I am updating Aeries manually. I ran the extract and if there are old records from another district in there it will change your LAC.EAC and/or LAC.EAD. 

This record keep updating the ELAS to EO.


Good Morning, Do we have an update on the SELA file extract to send up to Calpads? We need to have students updated who are RFEP so they stop showing up to test. 



Hi Erin,

CALPADS still has an open issue with the SELA ODS so it is not recommended to import it into Aeries.

If the student’s ELAS is already RFEP in Aeries, it should be fine to create a SELA file and upload to CALPADS.

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Thanks Kathy!

Hi Kathy,

Do you know if the following STAS error may also be generating due to incorrect STAS calculations? STAS0310 - Invalid Unexcused Non-Suspension days absent

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Hi Angela,

I have not seen error STAS0310 in my testing.  Do you want to submit a ticket and we can check it out?

Hi Kathy,

I am kind of at a standstill with CALPADS until I can deal with STAS (unless I try workarounds which makes my head hurt). Any idea of timeline for the STAS known issues being resolved? Just trying to come up with a game plan. Thank you.

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I would very much appreciate an update on the STAS as well.  I have over 8000 fatals in my EOY 3 because I can't send a STAS up.  Would really like to see which ones are legit and which ones will be resolved with a STAS.

Thank you

I would also like an update.  I am stopped on EOY 3 due to STAS errors.  Our school site staff will be leaving for summer soon.  Thank you!

We are testing the Aeries STAS fixes now but CALPADS still has the STAS0318 Known Issue so we are unable to post full files in our testing environment.

We will ship our changes ASAP.

Kelly, are you saying the STAS file has the correct totals, but the problem is the way CALPADS is programmed to trigger incorrectly?  I really would like to run STAS today, with version date 6/7/2022 if you can say the numbers are OK in this version. (NOTE: versions 6/8/22 and 6/9/22 did not have any changes to STAS, based on Revision Notes)

No, programming is working on adjusting the Attendance History Configuration process to update the Attendance History table (AHS).  The STAS extract pulls from the AHS table.  You will continue to get the errors mentioned in this Known Issue until we ship the fix. We were hoping to ship it today but it will most likely be early next week.

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