Known Issue - CALPADS State Student ID Numbers (SSID) as of 4/19/2022

Known Issue

Occasionally, CALPADS SSID Numbers issued as of 4/19/2022 are not able to be saved in Aeries in the State Student ID (STU.CID) field.  

The following error is displaying when trying to populate a new SSID number in the STU.CID field:

The State ID you entered is not a valid State Identifier.

The STU.CID field in Aeries has complex validations based on CALPADS rules.  The new numbers issued on 4/19 are no longer following the same rules.

We have submitted a ticket with CALPADS asking for the new validations.  We will update this post when we receive more information.


In Query, the Change button can be used to enter a new STU.CID.  A LIST statement can be run, then the Query Change button can be used to enter the new STU.CID.

Run the following LIST Query example:


Close the Query Results window to return to the query form, then click the Change button.

The Query Change form will display in a separate tab with the fields selected in the query.  The STU.CID field can be populated with the new SSID number.  

NOTE: Be VERY careful when using the Query Change form. Changes are saved immediately to the database, and changes may bypass normal Aeries business logic.  

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Hey Connie,

I was able to add the new ssid's using this workaround. It is a little tedious, but it is done. Thanks so much for your help!

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Interesting... I was able to add one ID via StuTab2 but not another.

I just tried this and the record is not updating.

@Trish.I noticed this too and yet it showed up in the system later. Perhaps try to log out and back into Aeries to view the change. I did notice it took a short time to show up. 

@Erin It finally worked but I had to click on the orange STU lock button.

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@Trish, glad to hear it finally worked. 

SSID has been accepted.  Thank you :)

Any word on a fix for this?  I saw that 5/5 Update had a fix for numbers with an 8, but we are still having issues with other SSID numbers.

Hi Flaviola,

CALPADS has not fixed bug 5998 yet- "Invalid SSIDs issued with "000" string".  SSIDs are still being issued from CALPADS that violate their own rules. 

We removed the one rule that is being phased out (2nd digit can now be an 8), but we are keeping our other validations in place.

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