Known Issue - As of the 11/30/2021 update, Grade Report Cards are generating an error when using the option "Print mail info at top of page" - FIXED 12/09/2021

Update: The fix for this issue was shipped on 12/09/2021. 

Here is the Revision Note:   

Grade Report Cards - Since version, the plain paper reports generated an error when the Print Mail info at top of page option was selected, fixed.  

Known Issue -  As of the 11/30/2021 update, when using the "Print Mail Info at top of page" option on the Grade Report Cards, an error is given and the report does not print.

A fix is in programming now and will ship ASAP.    

Users may subscribe to the following Aeries Idea "bug" for notifications: 

Aeries Idea Bug - Grade Report Cards

What version does this issue first appear in?

Hi Albert, as of the 11/30/2021 version.

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