Known Issue - Texas School Day Event Code Additions - Fixed in the 3/12/2021 Update

In a TAA letter dated March 4, 2021, TEA announced the addition of 2 new School Day Event Codes for use in the 2020-2021 school year.  Aeries is currently adding these values and expect them to be available to users next week.

Fixed in the 3/12/2021 Update:

  • Calendar - New day codes (with legend) were added to Texas schools' Calendar day options:  > symbol = Closed – with TEA approved reason; < symbol = Closed – without TEA approved reason. See Texas - School Day Event Codes.

  • Texas State Reporting - The PEIMS Summer EdOrgCalendar  will now check for < or > codes in Calendar day codes and set the TX-SchoolDayCode element with the corresponding 03 or 04 value for "Closed - without TEA approved reason" or "Closed - With TEA approved reason."

Will there be instructions or guidance for when and how to use these?

We will have documentation to accompany these new codes. The new codes will be additional items in the drop-down on the calendar page on each day. All school day event codes will be able to be cross-referenced to the appropriate PEIMS code from the C208 table on the Code Translations section of the Texas State Reporting page.

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