Aeries Revision Notes 11/6/2020 - NEW Style

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback:

New Features

  • Standards Based Grades Report Cards - A single-column version is now available, which can print one page per student or multiple pages if many standards are used. This was previously only available in the Aeries Client. See Standards Based Options.
  • Staff - The Master Schedule Classes (MST) and Scheduling Master Schedule Classes (SMS) sections were added at schools that use Section Staff to display classes associated with the staff member. See Flex Scheduling - Staff Data.
  • Aeries Mobile Apps
    • Field level security was implemented for the Demographics page.
    • Staff email addresses were added to the Class Summary endpoint for an upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal build.
    • The Aeries Teacher and Mobile Portal apps now support school-level access to ParentSquare.
    • SSO for Full Portal in Aeries Mobile Portal can now be accessed without STU permission.
    • For Flex Attendance, all of the student's attendance records will be displayed instead of limiting attendance through the current date.
  • Grading Periods - A weighted (i.e., calculated) grading period can now be weighted by other terms' grading periods including weighted grading periods.
  • Student Profile
    • The course ID was added to the Course Title column in the Class Summary view.
    • A link to the Courses page was added if the user has Read permission to the CRS table.
  • Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification - Any sections excluded from Attendance (MST.ST = Y or Z) are no longer displayed.
  • Weekly Instructional Minutes - The start date selection list now only displays dates that are Mondays.
  • Grade Report Cards Report -The Perm ID label was renamed to Stu ID.
  • Secondary Standards Based Grade Report Cards
    • The report now supports Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
    • The marks legend now prints the code table value for Mark Type 1 (e.g., "Achievement" or "Mastery") instead of the hard-coded text "Proficiency Levels."
    • The marks legend now supports numeric grades.
  • Grade Report Mark Analysis Report - The report now supports Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
  • Update Code Table - The message "STU.GRT codes should be set in the Graduation Requirements page!" is now displayed when a user attempts to add values to STU.GRT. The messages for GRC.MK and GRD.MK were also updated.
  • State Reporting Highlighting - Adjustments were made to several pages.
  • Page Titles - Page titles were added for several pages.
  • OneRoster Configuration - The Use CAR for Enrollment Records option was added to allow the CSV extract and API to return enrollment records from the CAR table instead of the SEC table. This permits past class enrollments to be reported through OneRoster in addition to current class enrollment. The OneRoster Extract and API will use SEC before school starts when CAR is not yet populated.

Issues Resolved

  • Scheduling Setup - The Use Staff-Section Association instead of Teacher Numbers(TN) with SMS sections option was not displayed when scheduling for the current year, fixed.
  • Grade Reporting Codes And Descriptions - The Add Record button was not visible if all the codes were removed, which prevented new code records from being created, fixed.
  • UIL Eligibility Manager - For Texas customers, the student listing did not display during Grading Term 1, fixed.
  • Immunizations
    • For Texas customers, the red highlighting for vaccines did not correctly handle the Tdap Booster shots, fixed.
    • For California customers, any date in the Booster field fulfilled the Tdap - 7th Grade requirement, fixed.
  • Student Grades - The page did not display Flex Period and Section Staff correctly at the district level, fixed.
  • Academic Plan Course Options - The MST totals displayed incorrectly for some courses, fixed.
  • Class Roster - An error was generated when the maximum number of records for RPO.UID (32767) was reached, fixed.
  • Student Withdrawal Form Report
    • When Include Checked Out Books was selected, the report had the potential to include textbooks checked out to other students, fixed.
    • The Include Outstanding Fees option included deleted fees, fixed.
  • Aeries Mobile API - The error for Supplemental Attendance check-ins did not properly display the custom text in School Options, fixed.
  • Discipline - "Decision" was misspelled, fixed.

California Specific

  • CALPADS Extracts 

    • The PSTS extract was adjusted according to the latest CALPADS specification. The new Post-Secondary Survey (PSS) table is used for the extract, and the SSD table is no longer used. The Post-Secondary Survey table is located as a separate tab on the Secondary Student Data page. See CALPADS Extract: Fall 2 -Post Secondary File (PSTS).

    • For Post-Secondary Survey records, the CALPADS required fields are now being highlighted according to the code chosen.
    • The new Work-Based Learning (WBLR) extract was added. The extract information is pulled from the recently updated Internships (ISP) table. The extract is located on the EOY tab. Refer to the documentation for more detailed information. See CALPADS Extract - EOY - Work-Based Learning (WBLR) and Internships.

    • The CRSE and SCSE extracts for Fall 2 have been adjusted to work with Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
    • The fixed code description changed for Exit Code 450 to display as: PreK Exit.
  • Secondary Student Data/Post-Secondary Survey tab - The CALPADS required fields are now being highlighted, depending on the Code chosen.

  • Students - The Counted in CBEDS label was renamed to Counted on Census Day.

Texas Specific

  • Leaver Manager - The page was added to facilitate management of students who were marked as Leavers in the current or previous school years. The options and filters allow users to quickly search for Leaver students and update Leaver status.
  • Attendance History Configuration - Two settings were added for storing the Remote Present codes: Remote Asynchronous Present and Remote Synchronous Present. These values will be used to set new values in the Attendance History Summary (AHS) table for Remote Asynchronous Present (RA) and Remote Synchronous Present (RS) counts for each student. The process will analyze School Programs (SPR) and Student Programs (PGM) for Remote Synchronous and Remote Asynchronous programs (code RA or RS) occurring during the attendance date and will update Attendance History accordingly. Also, any update to the Attendance All-Day code will also update these values.
  • Attendance History - The page now includes counts for Remote Asynchronous and Remote Synchronous along with the existing Present count.
  • Configure Vaccination Requirements
    • The Load Defaults button was adjusted for the Hepatitis A (HepA) default to show K-11 rather than K-7.
    • The Load Defaults button now modifies the Haemophilus influenzae type b (HIB) and Pneumococcal (PCV) records to honor the footnotes as defined on the Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Child-Care Facilities.
    • The verbiage for Hepatitis A and DTP comments was updated; this did not affect the vaccination requirement logic.
  • Immunizations
    • Hard-coded logic was added for the DTP K-6 grade requirement that a 7-year old student can validate with only 3 shots, so long as the 3rd shot was on/after their 4th birthday.
    • Hard-coded logic was added for PCV Child-Care requirements for students between 12 and 23 months regarding the number of shots received before 12 months of age.
    • These changes were also applied to the Immunization Status Report.
  • Race Codes - Various pages and reports were adjusted to support combined code outputs for Race data.
  • Staff - Two new fields have been added to Staff Job Assignments:  instruction type (STJ.IT) and number of students taught (STJ.NOS).
  • State Reporting -  The PEIMS Staff Interchange has been updated to include the new instruction type and number of students taught fields from Staff Job Assignments.

Database Changes

  • Report Print Options (RPO) User ID (UID) was increased from a smallint to an int to match the related User and Group Name (UGN) field.
  • Attendance History Summary (AHS)Remote Asynchronous (RA) and Remote Synchronous (RS) counts were added to the table.
  • Grading Periods (GPD)Term (TM) was removed from the PrimaryKey and ForeignKey constraints.
  • Grading Period Calculations (GPC) - Term (TM) was removed from the table.
  • Grading Period Scores (GPS) - Term (TM) was removed from the table.
  • ID Number (IDN) and Post-Secondary Survey (PSS) - A relationship was added.
  • Staff Job Assignments (STJ) - Number of Students (NOS) and Instruction Type (IT) were added.
  • Course Requests Cross Reference (CRQ) - Subject Area (SA) was increased to match Courses (CRS) fields.

This is MUCH better to read!  Thank you for the change!

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Just a suggestion to move Database Changes to above California Changes so it doesn't look like they are database changes for Texas only, unless they are only for Texas?

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Much better.

Grade Report Mark Analysis Report -Can these reports be run at an elementary level? If not is there a report similar report I can run at an elementary level.

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