Known Issue - Google Classroom assignments may import with the wrong date or scores may import inconsistently - Fixed 10/7/2020

Note: an update for this issue was posted on 10/7/2020

When Importing Google Classroom Assignments to Gradebook using the  "Import Assignments and Scores Button" on the Gradebook Dashboard, it may import with one day being added to the Date of the assignment. Additionally, some schools have reported scores not being updated in a timely manner. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

For now, to ensure the scores are correctly updated users may:

  • Create all assignments in GC
  • Use the Import button on the Dashboard to bring in the Assignments
  • Use the Import button on the Assignments page to bring the scores

Hello, I know this issue was fixed on 10/07/2020 but our teachers just started complaining about inconsistent import of scores from Google into Aeries gradebook after the recent update 10/14/2020.

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We are currently working on the fix for this and it should be out by soon.

I had reported this back on September 18th. I wait a couple of days to apply updates. Hope this helps.

Is it know which Aeries version this error applies to?  Is it all version, or is it only recent versions?  I don't want to 'alarm' my teachers if I'm on a safe version.  Thanks.

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