CALPADS - Current Known Issues ** Last Updated: 7/19/21 **

The following open issues have been identified with the CALPADS Submission process. We are updating this list as items are added and/or resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as quickly as possible to amend our extraction process. 

  • Please add yourself to the AeriesIdeas item linked below each issue to be personally notified of the status of that item.


  • No open issues at this time.

Extended CAASPP/ELPAC Testing

If your schools are still testing students via the TOMS Portal, there are a couple of important steps to be taken BEFORE JUNE 30th:

  • When there are two weeks left in the school year for a school who is still administering tests, AND you need to do enrollment updates, you MUST enable the option to NOT extract future dates. This will stop the system from extracting exit codes for students who are not returning in the next school year (i.e. EOY or HSG fields populated). 

  • If you will be still testing students in the TOMS system AFTER your school calendar ends, there are two ways to handle this
  1. Do NOT send ANY further Enrollment Updates until either testing is over, or after June 30th. On June 30th, CAPADS will no longer send data to TOMS nightly, so students will still be able to test, regardless of their enrollment status in CALPADS. 
  2. Do a SKIP query to skip any students still involved in testing BEFORE running an Enrollment Update set of files. This will allow you to update all the other students, while still leaving the enrolment records open for students who are still testing. 

After June 30th, you no longer need to worry about continuing the CAASPP/ELPAC testing, as the nightly sync between TOMS and CALPADS will be suspended. 

Remember that all enrollment records need to be closed for all students by July 20th for the EOY submissions.

Please see this article for more information: Extended CAASPP/ELPAC Testing for 20-21 


CALPADS - SDEM extract in EOY not handling Multiple Teacher flag properly **Fixed in the 7/9/21 update.

Staff Demographics (SDEM) extract is improperly excluding some teachers with the MTS flagged as 09. This is a hot item and will be released as soon as it passes QC testing.  Also, we are adding back the list of files extracted by each button on the EOY tab.

CALPADS SINF Extract gets stuck in certain circumstances, never completes  **Fixed in the 7/9/21 update

When students have a Home Reporting school (STU.HS) that is marked as Do Not Report (LOC.DNR) the file extraction process gets stuck and never completes. The only workaround is to remove the DNR tab from School Options for that school, but make sure that school is NOT selected on the Schools tab for CALPADS Extracts.

CALPADS EOY Extracts not working for non-flex schools using Section Staff   **Fixed in the 7/7/21 Update 

Schools who are not using Flexible Scheduling but are using section staff may not extract correctly for EOY Course and Staff files. This is a hot item and will be released as soon as it passes QC testing.   

New SSID Import File         **Fixed in the 6/22/21 Update 
                                                 Please see this document for more information: CALPADS Extracts - Identifier Tab

Can't Import new SSIDs because of unrecognized data:  

New SSID Extract files from CALPADS now include new data at the end of the file, and cannot be imported. Vendors were informed today (6/10/21) in the bi-weekly Vendor Call that they changed the New SSID file to include the Earliest CALPADS School Enrollment Date K-12 without informing us first so we could amend our import routines. We are working on this ASAP and will release a fix as soon as possible.

  • Aeries Ideas Bug Item: New SSID file from CALPADS includes new data, can't import
  • The only workaround at this time is to delete the date AND the preceding carat (^) at the end of the file before importing the new SSIDs.
    • 1234567^9876543^1234567890^24680^LN^FN^^M^20180523^20210601^PS^^^^20210608^N^20210601

SCSC Extract for Middle School Transcript Records  **Fixed in the 6/17/2021 update

SCSC Extract for Middle School (grades 7 and 8) Transcript Records with Credits Attempted = 0 are not extracting at this time.   High School students (grades 9 to 12) with Credits Attempted = 0 are extracting correctly but Middle School students (grade 7 and 8) should be extracting also.   

SENR - Improperly changing E450 Exit Codes for Preschool students with Non-ADA Enrollments   **Fixed in the 6/8/21 Out-Of-Band Update 

Confirmed as an issue for PS students with enrollment Status of 50 (Non-ADA enrollment). If they have an E450 exit (appropriate for PS students) the SENR extract is changing them to E170. That is correct for most Non-ADA Enrollments and Secondary Enrollments, but NOT for Preschool students. CALPADS rejects records for PS students with Non-ADA Enrollments.

WBLR  - Records not extracted if GR=14      **Fixed in the 6/8/21 Out-Of-Band Update 

Work-Based Learning Records for Transition students are not included in the WBLR extract if they are outside the grade range of 9-12. WBLR records should extract for all Student Grade Levels translated for CALPAD to grades 9-12 (so it would include transition students w/GR=14)

WBLR - Duplicate Records Rejected   **Fixed in the 6/8/21 Out-Of-Band Update 

In certain circumstances, duplicate WBLR records are being extracted. This is happening for students with ISP records who have multiple STU records (i.e. inactive record at another school, or a concurrent record at another school).  The extract process is duplicating the WBLR records, which are being rejected by CALPADS when uploaded.

STAS file failing when codes are exempted in STU.SP   **Fixed in the 6/8/21 Out-Of-Band Update 

When exempting codes from STU.SP for STAS extract, the file is failing due to decimal rounding of data.

SENR: File to obtain new SSID Identifiers includes an E155 Exit Code when created within the last 2 weeks of school  ** Resolved 5/29/21 

When requesting new SSID Identifiers for new students, if a school's Calendar ends within the next 14 days, an E155 Exit Code is included in the extracted file. Normally this is not an issue, however when that school is taking advantage of the Extended CAASPP/ELAPC Testing Window for 20-21 and these new students need to be tested in the TOMS system, those enrollment records will contain a future exit date. An option to Not Extract Future Dates is needed here, similar to the one offered on the Enrollment Update tab. 

  • AeriesIdea Bug Item: SSID Identifier extract file includes E155 exits within the last 2 weeks of school
  • Workaround - There are a couple of workarounds available, depending on the size of the file.
    • If only a few schools are involved, a temporary change to the Calendar to extend it until the end of June could be made, the file extracted, and then the change reversed.
    • The file could be opened in Notepad or similar program and the E155 code removed. BE CAREFUL to NOT remove any of the carets (^) from the file, just the E155 between them.  ^E155^

SINF Extract:

In order to provide more flexibility to our customers, we are programming to make further changes to this process:    **Fixed in the 2/19/21 Out-Of-Band Update   

SDEM/SASS Extracts: 

Staff extract was extracting staff with Hire dates up to October 31.   **Fixed in the 2/19/21 Out-Of-Band Update   

Issues Resolved

  • CALPADS Extracts 

    • A new setting was added under Other Options to force Parent/Guardian information (SINF/SIAD) to be extracted exclusively from STU.PG and STU.PED. The option is deselected by default. See CALPADS Extracts - Other Options Tab 

    • The Parent/Guardian Highest Education Level will always be pulled from STU.PED, even when processing Guardian information from the CON table. This will remain in place until CALPADS changes the SINF file layout in preparation for 22-23. 

    • The Staff Demographics (SDEM)/Staff Assignments (SASS) extracts were adjusted to evaluate the staff hire date against Information Day, instead of October 31st as was required before. Also will evaluate the Assignment Start Date against Information Day.


CRSE Extract does not seem to be working properly for Itinerant Teachers    **Fixed in the 2/12/21 update 

We are investigating an issue that  has been discovered stopping the CRSE Extract from including Itinerant Teachers even though the Itinerant field is populated with a Y. Programming is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix.  We will update this post once a fix is identified.  

Upload Failed  - File length Exceeded:    **Fixed in the 2/12/21 update  

This is generally occurring when the Multi-Teacher Status field is extracting 09 (No Multi-Teacher Status) because that field is only allowed to be 1 character. We will be changing the CRSE/CRSC extracts to ignore any records with the TCH.MTS/MST.MTS field value of 09. 

CRSE Extract not working properly for Itinerant Teachers or Section Staff marked as NO State Reporting   **Fixed in the 1/15 update 

The CRSE Extract is not including Itinerant Teachers even though Itinerant is populated in MST.IT or TCH.IT.  Programming is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix.  We will update this post once a fix is released.  

The following Aeries Idea has also been created to keep users updated.


SSID Import fails with new CALPADS SpEd Indicator  **Fixed in the 9/17 hot-fix

CALPADS added a new field to the SSID Extract file to hold a Special Education indicator as of 9/15/2020. We are adjusting our import process to handle this new indicator in a similar fashion as the English Language Acquisition Code and Date in the SSID Extract. 

  • AeriesIdeas - Bug: SSID Import fails with new CALPADS SpEd Indicator
  • Workaround: Make a copy of the extract file and open it in a text editor to delete the last 2 characters in the file. For example. the in the file shown below, remove the Y/N at the end of the file AND the carat (^) preceding it. I've highlighted the ones that need to be removed.

  • The edited file should be able to import the indicators, but customers should also review the original extracted file to determine if any of the new students have the SpEd Indicator field at the end of the file flagged as "Y".  Those students will need to be followed-up by the SpEd team.

SENR Extract:

SENR0023 - Invalid Exit Reason and Grade Level Combination:     **Fixed in the 9/17 hot-fix  
SENR upload fails with this fatal error if Exit Code 450 is used with a grade level greater than Preschool.

CALPADS recently added a validation rule for this combination and made it a fatal error. We are working on making changes to the Option to replace other exit codes with 450.

  • AeriesIdeas - Bug: SENR records rejected if Exit Code 450 is used for TK student or higher.
  • Workaround: There are two separate issues:
    • Your internal processes will need to be adjusted so your site staff is only using this code for Infant, Toddler or Preschool students.
    • Be sure to go to the CALPADS Extracts page and navigate to the Other Options section. Be sure to put a check in the box for Do Not change Exit Reasons to E450 if Student is in Grade 6 or lower.

SINF Extract:

The changes to the SINF process were included in the Update that was released 02/12/21. 

Here are several links that should be helpful: 

There are several changes to various areas of Aeries that this change CALPADS is making will require. I have linked AeriesIdeas items to each of them. Customers who add themselves to any of these items will be notified personally as action is taken on them. 

SINF0551  - WARNING  - Missing Guardian 1 First Name:   **Partially fixed in the 2/12/21 update

CALPADS has added validations to prepare for the upcoming changes to the Parent/Guardian information, including separating First and Last Names for the Guardian(s). It is perfectly fine to ignore these warnings for this school year, but districts should attempt to make sure the CON records have First Name and Last Name fields populated.

SINF0010/SINF0011 - Missing Alias First Name/Missing Alias Last Name:     **Fixed in the 9/18 hot-fix 
SINF Upload rejects reccords when only 1 Alias Name field populated

We have identified this as an unintended consequence of the changes released on 9/15/2020 to add Preferred Names to the SINF extract. Development has already started on the fix and we will ship it as soon as it passes QC testing.

SENR Reconciliation Process:

SENR file- Upload Failed    **Fixed in the 9/29 release 

SENR file upload fails for a file created as part of the SENR Reconciliation Process. The process is still using the old SENR file layout, that changed as of 9/15. The process will be changed to use the new layout. (*Item added 9/21/20)

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I have several errors with what Diana described.  Will this be fixed, or will I have to manually update the SENR file.  

I saw the known issue for SINF0551

Thank you,


Getting a SINF0060 for students.  Initial us school enrollment, Student Initial US School Enrollment Date K-12 must be less than or equal to student's earliest Enrollment Start Date when enrolled in Grades K-12

Suggested Resolution from Calpads but neither apply--current school enrollment would reflect current school year data

1) If the Student Intial US school enrollment Date k-12 field is incorrect, correct to ensure Date is less than or equal to the Enrollment Start Date. OR 2) Ensure the Enrollment Start Date is correct and greater than or equal to the Student initial US school enrollment Date K-12 Field.


In Aeries, I have removed the required field for PED but its still requesting this and my enrollment team can't enter new students. 

Thank you

Good morning Jan,

Any updates on the issue "CRSE Extract does not seem to be working properly for Itinerant Teachers    (Added 1/26/21)"?

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