Aeries Revision Notes 8/5/2020

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OneRoster v1p1Under certain circumstances the courseSourcedId in the Classes CSV file was not linked correctly to the sourcedId from the Courses CSV file for elementary schools in the 20-21 school year, fixed. Also the Classes, Users, and Enrollments API endpoints might potentially return an empty sourcedId for elementary schools in the 20-21 school year, fixed.
TREx ExportStudent's would not extract when they had no transcripts, fixed. CreditCampus was extracting with the Campus ID of the student's current school in replacement of private schools without Campus ID's. Now in these cases the Campus ID of the last school the student was enrolled in will be used. When a student's enrollment record had not been updated after their leave date there was a potential for an error to occur, fixed. The Student's school was being reported as there current school rather than their last school of enrollment, fixed.
NavigationThere was potential for custom table data to cause an error in navigation, fixed.

Hi Jasmine,

The following change was made on the 7/31/2020 update that might be the cause.  

SecurityAfter a New Year Rollover, users were able to select locked out years from the year selection drop down after having logged in to a unlocked year, fixed.

Hi, We applied this update and now users cannot see the 2019-20 year on their drop down. Admin is fine. Think it's part of the update or something else?

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