Aeries Communications Update 5/18/2020

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5/12/2020Announcement Notifications - Voice Call TreeTo combat message fatigue and excessive phone calls after a recipient has answered, the system now dials the mobile number(s), home number and if available, work number, in that order and stops dialing additional numbers if any attempt is answered by a live person or voicemail. 3 calls are attempted for each number before moving to the next available number in the call tree.
5/18/2020Dashboard - MembersUpdate search box width and placeholder text content to provide tips for more concise results when searching for members using the “+” symbol in between first and last name.
5/18/2020APIAdded support for Aeries schools using a master schedule and STU.CU for counselor case loads to provide a better user experience for counselors and access to students in their case load for announcements and direct messaging improvements
5/12/2020Direct Messaging - Email ResponsesEmail replies to DM conversations would insert HTML from the user’s Outlook Email Signature in some instances, fixed.
5/12/2020Announcement Creation - Subset FilteringAdjusted Contact role filtering to exclude pre-enrolled students.
5/12/2020CSV Sync and ActivationsCSV activations were promoting teacher permissions, leading to access to add all classes in announcement creation - not just their own, fixed.
5/12/2020Announcement CreationWhen assigning a voice recording to another user during announcement creation, the email notification containing the script and announcement details displayed UTC time for the scheduled delivery and not the local time of the recipient, fixed.
5/18/2020DashboardGiving a teacher certain moderator permissions gives them admin privileges at the school and district, fixed.
5/18/2020AnnouncementsIn certain cases, HTML content would display in non-html notifications like SMS, fixed.
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