Aeries Communications Update 3/30/2020

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Announcement Creation - Compose StepUsers were able to continue to the Customize step without entering Feed content, fixed.
Announcement Creation - Quiet Hours OverrideNew Moderator permission at district and/or school-level to allow users to override district Quiet Hours settings for General Announcements. Announcements sent during Quiet Hours using this permission are labelled as such in the Announcement Details.
Announcement CreationIn certain instances, uploading an ad-hoc CSV with a selected recipient group fails depending on the order of operations, fixed.
Announcement Creation - SchedulingFor some users, although the system would not send the announcement, the time picker displayed scheduling times during district quiet hours, fixed.
Direct Messaging - SMS NotificationsDirect Message conversation participants using SMS would see messages from their older conversations appear in the same thread with new conversations on their mobile device. In-App and email-based conversations were not affected, fixed.
Email Notifications - District OptionsLimiting unsubscribe options for district-supplied email accounts: For districts using > 1 email domain, although the change was not successful, users with district-supplied email accounts were still able to edit email preferences, fixed.
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