Aeries Revision Notes 1/30/2020

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Import Test ResultsThis page has been updated to allow importing the 2019-20 PSAT 8/9 Test Results. The import will accept both the .csv and .txt file formats. Also, the Print Unmatched Students report on this page now supports the PSAT 8/9 test.
ProgramsThis page has been redesigned to display programs in card-view format. The cards are divided into two sections: Current Programs and Program History, based on the dates of the individual program records. This should make identifying a student's current programs easy and quick. The layout for editing and adding records has not changed but is now displayed in a mini-window. Also, a new section has been added to this page called "Program Screenings". This is a new table (PGR) that can be used to track when students are evaluated for programs and the status of that evaluation. Approved screenings can be easily migrated into new PGM records with a click of a button.
Student Program Screenings reportThis new report is designed to display the Program Screenings for students from the new PGR table.
Administrative FunctionsThe AdminCS function Force Cascading DEL tags, has been added to this page. This function has 3 options. Pre-delete report which will generate a report with the summary of the records to be affected, Run Function with Report which will DEL tag records based on the parent record and generate a Report showing the affected Tables and Records and Run Function without Report which will send an email upon completion. This function has been converted from the client.
Administrative FunctionsThe AdminCS function Database Cleanup, has been added to this page. This function will also generate a report with the summary of the impacted records. This function has been converted from the client.
Administrative FunctionsThe Pull ENR from Another Database function has been converted from Aeries client to AeriesWeb.
Administrative FunctionsThe Pull Attendance History from Another Database function has been converted from Aeries client to AeriesWeb.
School OptionsThe School Options page now allows schools to store a Principal Signature image for optional use on the Transcript. Also, when viewing the District record, the District Logo can be uploaded for optional use on the Transcript. Please note that users must have LOC.Update in order to see these new stored images on the Schools page.
Transcript DefinitionsOptions to print Principal Signature and a District Logo have been added to the Transcript Definitions page. The Principal Signature and District Logo images are loaded from the School Options page. Turning on the Print Principal Signature option requires LOC.Update. Also, the page has been visually enhanced.
Student Transcript reportThe Student Transcript report now allows printing of Principal Signature and a District Logo all based on settings in the Transcript Definitions page.
Configure Password RequirementsA new Banned Passwords feature has been added to this page. An admin user can configure passwords that will be disallowed when a user changes their password in Aeries, and that will force a change if a user currently has one of the passwords. These custom Banned Passwords are in addition to the hard-coded list of banned passwords in Aeries based on commonly used online passwords. Also, this page has been moved under the Security node in the navigation menu.
User PasswordsOver 80 of the most widely used passwords across the Internet have all been banned from being used in Aeries. This expands upon the 25 passwords that were previously banned. Upon login, if the system detects one of these passwords, the user will be prompted to change it immediately.
Assertive DisciplineThe page has been updated to honor the maximum number of offenses defined in the District Settings page. If no definition is found, the default values will be used.
District SettingsA new option has been added to this page to allow entering the maximum number of offenses that should be displayed in Assertive Discipline record. If not defined, the default value will be used.
Security UsersThe new Users with Invalid Passwords report can be run directly from this page via a button next to the Search button.
Users with Invalid Passwords reportThis new report replaces the "Check Users for Invalid Passwords" macro in AdminCS. Admin users can run the report to identify users whose passwords may be insecure based on several criteria: passwords stored in plain text, passwords hashed with an algorithm that does not use salting, and passwords that are banned in Aeries.
Import Test ResultsThe subject line of the completion email for the ELPAC & IELPAC import has been updated to reflect the correct year of the file layout that was used to import the file.
Import Test ResultsWith the ELPAC & IELPAC imports, the Testing Administration Date and Testing Completed Date are now determined by the individual student's Testing Completed Date value in the data file rather than a default value.
TeachersSix state course codes have been added to Teachers page (elementary schools): 9216, 9217, 9218, 9219, 9220, 9221, 9229 and 9370 for use in CALPADS reporting for Elementary and Elem w/MST schools.
Import Course Requests from Academic PlanThe feature of entering a filtering value into the field labelled: "Only change students who meet the following conditions" has been removed due to security concerns. Instead, users must use a Query KEEP/SKIP to filter the students.
Login Page RedirectsThe system has been adjusted to handle more deep-linking URL situations such as Reports, ensuring the system properly redirects a user to the login page when appropriate.
System-wideAdditional security has been added to further increase resilience to "Relative Path Overwrite" (RPO) attacks.
CALPADS ExtractsThe CRSE extract had the potential to extract multiple teachers in No Multi-Teacher class. The issue mostly affects elementary schools without master schedule. This change has also been applied to the CRSC extract.
Store Manager (BETA)New form to manage and setup store items and offerings.
FinancialsThe Livingtree nightly process was modified to only post unposted payment transactions that have the status of completed and that are not yet in Livingtree. Also, fixed the issue where the Next Amount was not being recalculated after a payment transaction was changed from pending to completed for students with a payment schedule.
Attendance Process DashboardAttendance Management is now accessible from this dashboard under menu items C & D.
Import Test Results2019-20 Initial ELPAC error that occurred when importing score files with blank raw scores has been updated to handle all inputs without error.
Ed-Fi Beta Staff Section AssociationsThe Classroom Position field was being set to 'Teacher of Record' for all teaching positions. This has been modified to return 'Teacher of Record', 'Assistant Teacher' or 'Support Teacher' based on selections.
ContactsWhen Editing or Creating a contact, the save button had to sometimes be clicked twice to complete the transaction, fixed. Also, the read-only view of Contacts has been updated to include the new TB Test Status, TB Expiration date, Fingerprint Status, and Fingerprint Date fields.
SMS BoardThe Print button on this page was not working, fixed.
Special EducationDisability 2 dropdown was not displaying all the codes for CSE.D2, fixed.
Assertive DisciplineAssertive Discipline page is throwing an error when a school has not setup a calendar.
Elementary TranscriptThis report was giving an error when an SBH record had an invalid teacher number, fixed.
Mass Add Student PicturesUploading a single picture with upper case extension in file name was not working, fixed.
DemographicsWhen deleting a Student, users would receive an error message, and after clicking OK would be unable to access additional Student pages unless they logged out and logged back in, fixed.

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Does this update the bug regarding the MST pop up issue from the 1/16 version?

Hi Jenny,

No the MST pop up fix is not included in the 1/30 update or the update that shipped today. 

We are working on it now

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