Information - Report Delivery Method being set to default 'Email w/ Link' after the 12.19 update

The 12.19 update included a Security fix that affected the way User Options are handled.  The fix necessitated the setting of all current Report Delivery options to the default 'Email w/ Link'.  Users may reset their desired options for all reports by navigating to 'View All Reports' and choosing their desired Delivery Option.

UPDATE:  The 12.19 update made a change in where the User Options are stored. This setting has been moved to the UAO table. Since the Report Delivery Option is missing for all users after they update, they all default to the 'Email w/ Link' option.

For users who would like to try and reset users options, we have developed this SQL which can copy the current USO Report Delivery Option to the UAO table. Please use care whenever running SQL queries.  This should only copy data and insert into UAO, no data should be deleted. 

;with cteTheList -- CTE is needed so the IS Null check can be performed. 



    select n.uid  UID

          ,u.op   NM


                 when u.VL1 = 'EMailWithOutAttachment' then 'EMailWithOutLink'

                 when u.VL1 = 'EMailWithAttachment' then 'EMailWithLink'

                 else u.VL1

                end   OV 

    from ugn n inner join uso u

    on n.un = u.nm and u.op = 'ReportDeliveryType'


--insert into uao (UID,NM,OV)        --> uncomment this line to do the insert

select L.UID,L.NM,L.OV from cteTheList L

left join uao a

on L.uid = a.uid and L.NM = a.nm and L.ov = a.ov

where a.UID is null

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Is this going to be fixed for future releases or is it something we need to plan on when we decide to update? Also, instead of us directing 700 staff members to make this change manually, is there a way for us to revert the setting to be whatever the staff had before we apply this non-communicated "necessity?" This would be ideal to provide your customers since staff had each report set differently and to do a blanket statement across all reports seems like an inconsiderate suggestion. I look forward to hearing back. 

Hi Jennifer,

The SQL query we added to the post should take care of the issue by moving users previous options to the new table.

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