Aeries Communications Update 1/6/2020

DatePage / FeatureComment
1/6/2020Aeries SIS Integration DashboardAdded a new tab which allows AC Administrators or users with appropriate permissions to initiate an SIS/AC Data Sync. This is in addition to the district’s regularly-scheduled, twice daily synchronizations. The user who requested the sync will receive an email confirmation once the sync and activation process has completed and a new validation report will be available.
11/4/2019Language TranslationAdded support for Haitian Creole, Swahili and Nepali.
1/6/2020Groups DashboardNew member search feature within the Group Detail view. Easily search and manage group owners.
11/4/2019Direct Messaging - Email repliesImproved the HTML delimiter to better handle the results in-app when HTML formatting has been added to email replies in Direct Message conversations.
12/5/2019Announcement Notifications - SMSThe URL included by default in SMS notifications forwarded some users to a login page incorrectly, fixed. Also, for clients with custom configurations and multiple districts, the primary district name is now displayed as the default "From" value and not all available districts.
12/5/2019AuthenticationAdjustments have been made to the Password Reset email template.
11/4/2019Announcement Creation - Recipient selectionClose "X" was off center within the icon in certain browsers, fixed.
11/4/2019Announcement Creation - Email NotificationsImages centered in email editor & preview were not always centered in actual notification email, fixed
11/4/2019Announcement Creation - Subset Filtering"Language" filter returned zero results individually or when used in conjunction w/Role filter for some districts, fixed.
12/5/2019Announcement ManagerAnnouncements tied to previously deleted groups were not being displayed, fixed.
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