Known Issue - Parent/Student Portal: Users Unable to Log In - Fixed 12/17/2019

Update:  This issue was fixed with the 12/17 update.

In certain instances while logging into the Parent Portal, the page will redirect the user to either the default Login.aspx page or the user will receive a "404" error page. This can be caused by rapid clicking of the Sign In button after entering the password.

This error would also happen if a parent or student has bookmarked or clicks a link directly to a page within Aeries Parent Portal and they have to login first.  For example:

We are currently working to resolve the issue. 

A workaround is to click the Sign In button once to allow time for Default.aspx to load and to verify that the Parent Portal URL is going to LoginParent.aspx

Hi, is this the same issue related to online enrollment? New parents unable to create a password, after inputting their email.
Please see my ticket #185313 Error.

We had many parents getting the "email verification failed" error after receiving the confirmation email for AIR.  Is this related?

Hi Jennifer,

That is the same question that I have.  I put in a ticket over a week ago, waiting to see if it is related.


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