Aeries Communications Update 10/19/2019

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Announcement CreationSMS Editor: “From” group names inserted for SMS default message were not consistent between editor, Review Step and Announcement Delivery Previews but delivered correctly. Fixed.
Signal Kit (Non-SSO) Login pagePassword Reset: Password reset form displayed an error on some browsers when a non-email username was entered. Fixed.
SK APIImplemented “includes_students” field in “/api/announcements/v2/announcements/“ endpoint for triggered announcements including attendance, grade and nutrition to determine desired student/parent messaging options when student IDs are provided.
AnnouncementsImprovements to “Quiet Hours” handling of announcements which arrive after Quiet Hours start and must be sent the following morning when pre-defined Quiet Hours end.
DashboardAnnouncements: When target announcement groups were deleted after an announcement was sent, admins would not be able to view the announcement reports for any announcements sent previously to the deleted group. Fixed.
Announcement Email TemplatesImprovements for background color styling support among all email clients.
Announcement CreationCSV: When creating announcements or private lists using a CSV containing a list of Student IDs, Student/Parent Messaging options would not always display within the Customize step. Fixed.
System-wideVarious performance and infrastructure improvements.
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