Aeries Communications Update 9/21/2019

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Announcement CreationSelecting > 1 recipient group enabled all modalities on customize screen, fixed.
Personal SettingsA blank page loaded when users were on the Feed Manager or Notifications page and clicked the “X" to close the view, fixed.
Announcement CreationOptional district-setting to map machine translation to english for any machine-translated language. Custom translations are still supported for these languages.
AnnouncementsWhen announcements were being delayed for district “Quiet Hours” settings, in-app timestamps for announcements were generated at the time of creation. The app now updates announcement timestamps when announcements are delivered after “Quiet Hours”.
GroupsPrivate List Creation: In some cases, when creating a CSV-based Private List, members were added as email-only Community List roles, fixed.
AeriesSIS Data SyncInactive groups still available after a rollover, fixed.
AeriesSIS Data SyncStudent language preferences are now set to English by default and no longer use STU.CL. Individual student language preferences can still be updated within Aeries Communications.
Announcement CreationEmail Notifications: Optional district-setting to append an english-text version of announcement content below the translated version.
Announcement CreationEmail Attachments: PDF attachments now load within the browser on iOS and Android mobile devices and no longer require a separate application to view.
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