Aeries Communications Update 9/9/2019

  • Announcement Creation - Email Editor: When creating email content, line breaks now display in all emails as expected. Clicking "Return" once will create a single line break, clicking "Return" twice will now create two line breaks.
  • Announcement Creation - Email Editor Updates: When resizing an embedded image within the email editor manually, the resulting image would be stretched on some smaller mobile devices, fixed. Also, email header images were being scaled up on some desktop email clients, fixed.
  • Email Notifications - Managing Preferences: The "Manage Your Notifications" link in the email footer allowing users to adjust notification preferences was not resolving for all recipients, fixed.
  • Announcement Delivery Reports: In some cases, delivery report downloads would fail due to a delay in returning data to the browser, fixed.
  • Dashboard - Private List Creation using CSV: When uploading CSV containing only staff or student IDs, the system would add these members as email-only Community List members, fixed.
  • Grade Alert Emails: Newly released default modality settings impacted grade alert email delivery for some users, fixed.

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