Aeries Communications Update 8/26/2019

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Announcement CreationAdvanced Email Editor with rich-text formatting capabilities is now available.
Announcement Creation - Announcement ChannelsVoice, SMS and Email checkboxes now display as “disabled” initially and the user must intentionally select 1 or more modalities. Also, a global default may now be configured at the district level to enable a specific modality checkbox.
System PerformancePerformance of various queries have been improved.
Classes - SyncFor schools without a master schedule, PM Kindergarten classes were not being created consistently during the sync process, fixed.
Groups - Private ListsIn some cases, private lists would only deliver email notifications for general announcements regardless of recipient notification preferences or modality choices, fixed.
Dashboard - Member PermissionsAn admin role within the SIS is no longer required for setting “Moderator” access permissions for the Dashboard.
Direct MessagingIn cases where an active user maintained conversations with inactive users no longer in the system, the Direct Messaging app would become unresponsive, fixed.
Announcement Creation - Subset FilteringWhen changes to an announcement were made, filter data would occasionally be sent in the wrong format, freezing the announcement creation components until the user exited the creation step and edited the announcement again, fixed.
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