Aeries Communications Update 8/14/2019

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Signal Kit APINew endpoints to retrieve and update user language and/or notification preferences are now available.
Personal SettingsSome staff members were unable to edit or set a Display Name, fixed.
Data SyncIn some cases, classes with missing teacher associations caused the API sync to fail, fixed.
Announcement Creation - Recipient Subset FilteringFor some groups, when using “Role > Contact” filter for a general announcement, Emergency Contacts were included in notifications, fixed.
ContactsSurrogate contacts were not being removed when the student to which they're associated was deleted, fixed.
Announcement Creation - CSV RecipientsUploading outdated CSVs with a student ID linked to a deleted student user caused the announcement delivery to fail, fixed.
Announcement Creation - Announcement ManagerScheduled announcements tied to previously-deleted groups caused the Announcement Manager Queue tab to display zero results, fixed.
Notification PreferencesWhen accessing their Notification Preferences using the “Manage Your Preferences” link in the footer of emails, some users were unable to modify notification preferences, fixed.
Announcement Creation - Image UploadUploaded images with filenames containing special characters such as “?” impacted thumbnail creation, fixed.
Announcement Notifications - EmailIn order to better inform recipients that they cannot currently reply to announcement notifications via email, we’ve changed the default email from/reply-to address pattern to read ““.
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