Aeries Communications Update 7/30/2019

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Aeries CommunicationsAeries Communications has been awarded the FERPA and California State Privacy Certifications.
Direct MessagingDirect Messaging can now be disabled at the District or school level.
FeedFeed and Feed Preview image thumbnail width has been increased.
NotificationsThe default notification preferences can now be controlled at the client/district level. This allows us to globally disable any modality upon request of the district.
Direct Messaging DashboardDirect Messaging conversations can be exported both in-app at the conversation level and also for district data exports.
SMS NotificationsSMS Opt-in and Opt-Out instructions are now delivered individually. This replaces the previous global SMS opt-in process.
Announcement CreationAnnouncement subset filtering would occasionally display a blank screen, fixed.
Announcement ManagerCertain recurring announcements would display in queue after a successful delivery, fixed.
Email NotificationsLinks for email attachments within the announcement email templates would use “20%" as a placeholder due to spaces contained within the actual filenames, fixed.
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