Aeries Communications Update 7/16/2019

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Announcement CreationThe language fluency subset filter would occasionally display a blank screen when custom values were being used, fixed.
OnboardingThe onboarding workflow used previously for new users has been moved to the feed for all roles.
APIFor teacher names, Aeries Communications now uses STF.LN and STF.FN instead of TCH.TE.

Thank you, Nguyen.

Hi Katie,

Aeries Communication Update is independent of Aeries Update.  You can update Aeries to the 7/12 version.

Hi, Aeries Support / Nguyen,

Thanks for the notice.  I plan to install Aeries Web version of 7-12-19 tomorrow.  I have a question regarding these updates on the Communication.

Does this mean that the will have a newer revision other than 7-12-19 version and will include these, which I don't find if your web site so far.  Or are these updates on Communication/signal Kit area already which don't affect Aeries Web version 7-12-19?

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