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Co-teacher/Rostering to Multiple Teachers

Does anyone know how to properly roster special day class/special education students to a gen ed teacher AND a special education teacher? We tried this last year and it was such a mess with our D&A program, Illuminate. In addition, gen ed teachers were upset that they could not only see their students, but an entire class of SDC students who they didn't serve.

We input the co-teaching classes as below, but Illuminate does not pick up Tch 2. The GenEd and SpEd sections exist in Illuminate as entirely separate classes and the teachers don't have access to the non-primary students. I run combined reports for them, it's not ideal. My only thought is creating student visibility groups, but depending on your situation, that could be daunting and would need manual updating.


This is very helpful! We only use Illuminate for K-5 and not our middle school so we will be working to create master schedules for those elementary sites. It may not be worth the hassle...

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