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Changes in Student Search Window

I understand that there have been some recent changes to them main student search window that has expanded the way Aeries uses search statements. Was wondering if you have any best search practices for the changes. Ways to tailor student searches to narrow the number of results returned and make them more accurate. 



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I have found that the new search favors the first name which for me is frustrating because our staff usually search by last name.  I can no longer type in part of a last name and get good results.  It seems that I must type in the entire or major part of a last name to have it get pulled at all.  I assume that many users were consulted as to whether this change was a good idea, but I foresee that I will have to field many calls coming from our school sites because they will have difficulty finding students.  I'm not a fan of this change.


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It was great when the search field was broadened to included student middle name.  I'm not sure what happened, but I am getting many complaints in my district and when troubleshooting, I notice that the search feature is way to broad now.  Is there something we are doing wrong?  For instance when you do a search on letter "A" what is the calculation behind it. It used to search last name Alpha when you seached "A" so it would do by alpha last name, now it gives the following last names after "A".


I just happened to have this complaint from a counselor.

Thank you,

Jennifer Welch

Jennifer, you'll be happy to hear that we are planning to ship an update today that includes the following enhancements to "Fuzzy Search". It should make for a better user experience for your users. Here's an excerpt from the revision note:

The Student Search has been further enhanced to make "Fuzzy Search" a user option, defaulting to off.  Also, the ability to search for first or last names that contain spaces has been added (ex. De La Cruz,  Mc Carthy, or Jean Claude). The "Fuzzy Search Results" option controls whether or not a result set will include: Similar names (e.g. "John" includes Jon, Sean, and Shawn), Reverse names (e.g. "Jesse James" includes James Jesse), and Partial names (e.g. "El" includes "Kelly").  Please note the Fuzzy Search is not required to include Begins-with or Ends with names ("Smith" including Smith-Johnson and Johnson-Smith), Aliases, or Middle Names.  The Fuzzy Search logic has been updated to limit the results even further based on similar starting letters within the results set.  The "No Results Found" area now includes a message to "Try using Fuzzy Search to see potential matches".

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