Known Issues with the 5/31/2019 Aeries Update - Fixed 6/3/2019

Update - The following shipped in the update released 6/3/2019:

Student Search
Due to changes made in the Student Search with the 5/31/2019 version, some pages including the Daily Medical Log and Print Standards Based Grades Report Cards were not functional, fixed. Also, searching using a comma (i.e. "Smith, J") was returning inaccurate results, fixed.

Known Issues with the 5/31/2019 Update.  Two issues have been reported at this time.  The following pages are generating errors when accessed:

  • Daily Medical Log
  • Print Standard Based Grade Report Cards

Programming Is working on a fix now that will be fixed ASAP.

The update with the fix will be available soon.  It should be posted by 5:00 pm today.

Any idea when we will be seeing that update ship? 

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