Known Issue - Extracurricular Activies Page GPA History (GRG) May Be Overwritten for Pre-Enrolled Students - Fixed 8/21/2019

On the Extracurricular Activities page, the GPA History (GRG) fields for pre-enrolled students have the potential of being overwritten when the the high school (where the student is pre-enrolled) Recomputes Grade Reporting GPAs and Class Rank. GPAs and Class Rank stored in the STU table are not affected and also, recomputing Grade Reporting GPAs at the Middle School will re-create the GRG table for the selected mark.

Programming is investigating this issue and working on a fix, which will be released in a future update.

Hi, Emy. The fix for this issue is currently in programming and will be shipped as soon as it is completed and passes Quality Control.


Would like to know an update on the fix please.

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