Aeries Revision Notes 3/29/2019

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Civil Rights Data CollectionCRDC for the 2017-18 school year is live. It has been updated to include fixes for various sections and functionality. Flat files can be generated for submission. Please see the following forum post for a list of changes included in this update:
SMS BoardSMS Board - Find Best Period is now an available feature on the SMS Board. After selecting a section, clicking the Find Best Period button will analyze the scheduling possibilities for the section being placed in any of the periods and give the user the scheduling results to compare.
IPEDS Fall Enrollment reportThis report is now available in Aeries. The report displays enrollment count information to assist with the IPEDS Data Collection System Report for Parts A, B and C.
District Assets - Student Check OutWhen checking out by class, the list of students is now sorted alphabetically. Also, the sounds are now the same when logged-in as an admin or user.
District Assets - Staff Check OutThe sounds are now the same when logged-in as an admin or user.
Attendance ManagementWhen adding Attendance Notes, space has been added to separate the Save from the Cancel button.
AttendanceWhen adding Attendance Notes, space has been added to separate the Save from the Cancel button.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppAeries Mobile API - Modification has been made to the Log in process to remove expired OAT records. Also the option to hide gradebook from parents and students was not honored in elementary schools, fixed.
Student ProfileThis page encountered an error for districts using Aeries Financials with invalid Payment Type (FTD.PT) codes in their code table, fixed.
Ed-Fi BetaParent and Student Parent Association Ed-Fi entities have been implemented in Aeries. Grading Period and Grade entities have been temporarily removed from the Ed-Fi Test entities list. Student School Association is no longer filtered by current year, and uploads have been fixed to make optional fields truly optional. Staff School Association ProgramIdentifierDescriptor fixed to being hard coded to "School Code".
Language AssessmentThe "English Learner Program" header was an uneven length while in edit mode, fixed.
Query ChangeSince the 3/13/2019 update, the STU.SX field permitted editing via the query Change button. To keep in sync with the new STU.GN field, STU.SX is now read only.
Teacher PFTThis page's gender list still featured the title "sex". This has been updated along with the value "Other Gender" being added.
Physical Fitness By TeacherThis page's gender list options has been updated to include "Other Gender" instead of "Nonbinary".
Standards Based Update For One StudentThe column displaying "Sex" and STU.SX data has been updated to display "Gender" and STU.GN data.
Grade Report Card TrifoldAn error caused changes made in this report to accommodate the PTM Z0802 pressure seal form to be reverted, fixed.
Grade Report Mark Verification ListingAn error caused changes made to this report to print credits with the proper significant digits to be reverted, fixed.
Custom TablesAutomatic hyperlinking in text fields was not working properly with complex URLs having multiple query string parameters, fixed.
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