Information - CALPADS SENR File Layout Changes for May 2019 - Updated 4/11/2019

Note:  The SENR file changes for the End of Year submission have been released in the 4/11/2019 update.  Please see the Revision Notes for more information.



CALPADS will be adding 6 new fields to the “Student  Enrollment” SENR file for the End of Year submission.  The SENR file will contain new work-based learning indicators for inclusion in the Career and College Readiness Indicator.  CALPADS will start collecting the data in the new file layout on May 7th 2019.  

At that time, Aeries will release an update to adjust the SENR extract to match the new layout.  CALPADS has not announced the official date of the new file layout at this time.


Below are the new work-based learning indicators for all students:


1.35     Workforce  Readiness (Strategic Skills) Certificate Program Completion Indicator

1.36      Food Handler Certification Program Completion Indicator

1.37     Pre-Apprenticeship Certification Program Completion Indicator

1.38     Pre-Apprenticeship Program (non-certified)  Completion Indicator 

1.39     State or Federal Job Program Completion Indicator


Aeries will pull data from the Career Pathways Outcomes Code (CPO.OC) or the Activities (ACT.CD) table.  Codes can be added to the CPO and/or the ACT table and can be populated now in preparation for the new SENR layout.

We will provide options on the CALPADS page to indicate where the data is being stored for each indicator.   The following link provides more information:   CALPADS Extracts - Other Options Tab


CALPADS will also be collecting the following indicator for Special Education students over the age of 18:


1.34     Postsecondary/Transition Status Indicator 


Aeries will pull the data from the Special Ed fields of  “Post-Secondary Program” field (CSE.PSP) or “Post-Secondary Employed”  (CSE.PSE) field.  These fields are currently on the old Special Ed page on the “Transition Information” tab.  In the future, the fields may be moved to the new Special Education page. 


Note:  The SENR file layout we received from CALPADS  is a draft.  Changes may be made by CALPADS and we will adjust the extract accordingly.

If we have the 4/11/2019 version of Aeries Web, will the new fields be added to the SENR file automatically starting May 7th, or do we have to wait for the next Aeries update?

Hi Anita,

Yes the April 11th Aeries version (and later) contains a trigger to add the new fields to the SENR file automatically.  You do not have to wait for the next update.

Note:  The SSID Identifier Request SENR file also needs to be run on an update dated April 11th or later to include the new fields.  If submitting an SENR or SENR identifier request on an older version, it will generate an error in CALPADS and will not be accepted.

Which codes do we select for Postsecondary/Transition Status Indicator in the “Post-Secondary Program” field (CSE.PSP) or “Post-Secondary Employed”  (CSE.PSE) fields?  I tried to create a new code but it did not show up as an option in CSE.

Hi Shelley,

You can select the existing "hard-coded" codes in the CSE.PSP or CSE.PSE fields or add new ones to the Code table.  I just confirmed that new codes added to the COD table on the Update Code Table page for CSE.PSP or CSE.PSE will display in the code drop-down list at the end after the "hard-coded" fields.  

The codes you want to use must also be selected on the CALPADS Other Options tab.

CALPADS Extracts - Other Options Tab

It does not show for me in CSE.  It does show in CALPADS Extracts. Am I doing something wrong or is it not in my version?  Aeries Web Version


It may be a caching issue.  Try logging out and logging back in.

Here what the Update Code Table page should look like:

I logged out, closed the browser completely, and cleared cache and cookies.  It is still not there in the CSE window.  Should I put in a ticket for support?


Do you see your new code at the top of the drop-down in numeric order?



On the upper right corner of the Special Ed page, click on the 3 horizontal dots and select "New Page Version".  We moved those 2 fields to the Basic Information section so they are easier to see.  

Your new code should display in the drop-down.  I will check with programming on why they don't display on the "Old Page Version".  

That is great!  I did not realize they were added.  It is there. 

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Hi Kathy, do you know if the post secondary extract has been updated to work with ungraded secondary grade levels? GR=15. I discovered it only seemed to work for grade 12 a few weeks ago.


HI Wayne,

Yes, as of the 5/31/2019 update:

CALPADS Extracts

The logic for the SENR indicators has been adjusted to use grade level translations. Also, the SENR ODS reconciliation was not working since the addition of the SENR indicators, fixed. Additionally, the Student Career Technical Education (SCTE) extract has been modified to include the new Career Pathways History Level (CPH.LVL) field in the processing. Only records with a level of Concentrator or Completer will be included in the SCTE extract. Career Pathways History records with a Level (CPH.LVL) of Non-Concentrator will not be extracted.

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