Aeries Revision Notes 10/22/2018

Classes and Course AttendanceNew Grade Reporting records can now be created directly from a student's class schedule.  The process offers the teacher or office staff member the option to load the grade from the gradebook and various GRD fields are available for editing before saving the record.  This option is only available to schools where the new School Option to "Allow Issue Credit on Classes / Course Attendance pages" is enabled.
Grades Individual GRD records can now be pushed to a student's Transcript from the Grades page.  This process also links the new HIS record with the originating GRD record's marking period so that if the process is run again, the existing, linked HIS record will be updated and not have a duplicate HIS record created.
Copy Grades to TranscriptsA new option to "Overwrite if HIS records exist?" has been added to this function. If unchecked, the process will skip existing records.
School OptionsA new option for each school to "Allow Issue Credit on Classes / Course Attendance pages" has been added.
Copy Grades to TranscriptsA new option to "Overwrite if HIS records exist?" has been added to this function. If unchecked, the process will skip existing records. Also, “Move ONLY quarter classes to HIStory” was not being honored, fixed.
Attendance DashboardThe Attendance Dashboard is now broken up into 2 graphs above and below each other.  This should make reading of the high and low values easier.  Also,   Excused and Unexcused Absence Totals have been added to this report and the Tardy totals in period attendance schools is now "Period Tardies".  Also, an option to select different dates ranges is now available.
Daily Medical LogMedical-Related Red Flags and the Student Health Problems field are now displayed on this page for each student when adding or viewing records. Also, the Student ID is now displayed instead of the Student Number.
Teacher Supplemental AttendanceThis page now includes a "Check Out ALL Students" button, allowing a teacher to quickly clock out a whole class for a break or lunch.
Aeries NavigationThe District Rules and Aeries Variables for Current School pages have been renamed District Settings and School Settings, respectively.  They will now both display under School Info | Configurations.  Also, visual styles on these pages has been updated.
School SettingsThis page now includes an option to "Allow Collection of Social Security Numbers via Encrypted Student Data (ESD)."  Please note that these data are not used by any report in Aeries yet and the collection of SSN for students is not recommended at this time.
Student DemographicsThis page now allows for the collection of Social Security Numbers when enabled from the School Settings page.  There will be a lock icon on Student Data 2 tab, next to the State Student ID, that will allow for input of this information.    The data is not currently being displayed on any report and is for future use.  Also, the Change Address link on this page is now a button and the visual styles on the Change Address pop-up have been updated.  The Address Verified checkbox on the Students page is now read-only and must be modified within the Change Address pop-up.
School InformationThis page now includes a TOPSpro Site ID for future use.
Standards Based Grades FunctionsThese pages and methods will no longer be displayed at the District level as none of the functions have been designed to run from the district-level.
CALPADS ExtractsThe CALPADS codes have been updated according to the Code Set version 10.0 dated July 1, 2018.   New functionality has been integrated into the Code Translation tab, allowing to add default translations and local codes to the Cross-Reference (XRF) table.  Additionally, there is a new translation option for Race codes. This translation is set as STU RC1 in XRF, and it will also be used when translating staff race codes. Also, lowercase codes in PGM were not translating properly, fixed.  Also, the student information (SINF) and student programs (SPRG) extracts have been adjusted to include students with short-term enrollment.
Team Teacher ReportingSupport for the 2nd and 3rd teachers on a section has been added to the following reports: Student Class Schedules for All Students, Student Locator Cards, Student Schedule Listing and Student Schedule Listing (wide).
Portal OptionsThe wording for the Academic Plan Option has been changed to be more clear.
Assertive DisciplineWhen inserting a new assertive discipline record, both the Insert and Update permissions were required for the Teacher Portal Group.  This has been adjusted to only require Insert permission to add records.
Aeries Mobile Portal AppIn some circumstances, the counselor/teacher name was showing NA on the Demographics and Grades screens, fixed.  Also, a space has been added between the Gradebook Assignment Status and the Gradebook Assignment Comment in the App's Assignment Details Comment field.
User EmulationIf the year was changed while emulating another user, an error occurred when returning to the original login, fixed.
Security Users When the School Access popup was closed, opening a second time was delayed, fixed.
Classes NewRescheduling students was not always working for all students since the 10/3 version of Aeries, fixed.  Also, when attempting to edit an Alt Ed Course, the Save button was not activating, fixed.
Students with Perfect Period Attendance reportThis report has been skipping students with a Leave Reason Code of 440 (Program Change) in ATT and haven't been printing on the report, fixed.
TeachersSearching for teachers was only including the first 2 characters of the search string, fixed.
College Entrance RequirementsThe CER table was not always being populated consistently, depending on which method in the system was being run, fixed.
Academic PlanCourses sequences with a beginning grade level not were not being placed correctly, fixed.  Also, when attempting to add a course sequence, sometimes the system would not add the sequence and lock up the system, fixed.
Default Code ManagementSome Intervention code lengths were violating the size of the table fields and   could not be added, fixed.
Send EmailsThe second and third teachers for a section were unable to see a complete list of their students when attempting to send an email, fixed.
Aeries AnalyticsThe Field Value Ranges indicator type was not working with custom tables, fixed.
Analytics DashboardThe List type dashboard item was sometimes not displaying students when only one school was associated with the item, fixed.
Student Assertive Discipline Record reportThis report would print deleted disposition information when the Hide Details option was selected, fixed.  

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