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Support Google Classroom without being tied to gradebooks

We would like to collect some preliminary feedback to see if there is a need for Aeries to support Google Classroom creation without it being tied to a Gradebook? Currently to utilize Google Classroom integration, the Google Classroom must be tied to a Gradebook. We were curious if there is a need or interest for this.

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We don't use grade book but would benefit from using the auto-email address creation that is a feature with Google classroom. 


Sorry for the response to an old post... but I could see some use-case for Classroom creation outside a Gradebook. Thinking about after school programs or club/activities where students aren't specifically rostered in a Gradebook but could benefit from being part of a Google Classroom. Would be nice to be able to dynamically (like via Student Groups?) have rostered Google Classroom integration outside Gradebook.


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