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Enrollment Query

I have been trying to build a query that lists all students enrolled in my district for a specific date but have had no luck. I can't use attendance reports since a student could have been enrolled but not present on that specific date. Any suggestions?

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This from Cam, many years ago


Because STU.HL values traditionally do not change, or if they do change, it is to correct a mistake, you just need to focus on enrollment data for the students.  Use Query at the district level to keep the student enrolled on that date:


KEEP STU ENR IF ENR.YR = 2009 AND ENR.ED < "3/2/2010" AND ( ENR.LD > "2/28/2010" OR ENR.LD = NULL )


Then you can totals on STU.HL and STU.SC.




Camden Iliff

Director of Student Systems Development

Eagle Software

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Thanks for the query! I'm still not getting my listing numbers to match my summaries but I'll try modifying it to see if I can get it to work. Really appreciate it.

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