Known Issue: Language Page - Home Language Survey Fields Issue - Fixed 9/21/2018

Update - This was fixed in the update released on 9/21/2018

As of the 9/13/2018 Aeries version, the Home Language Survey fields of "at Home" and "Primary" are switching when saved.

The "at Home" field (LAC.L3) is saving in the"Primary" (LAC.L2) field. 

Programming is working on this now and the fix will be shipped ASAP.

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We're experiencing our Program (LAC.PR) is cleared daily since the 9/13/2018 Aeries version update. Can anyone advise me on this?

Yes if the "at Home" field (LAC.L3)  and the"Primary" (LAC.L2) fields have different values, then hold off.  If the values are the same, there is no problem.

We are shipping the fix in today's update.

Should we hold off in populating these fields until the fix is implemented?

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