Known Issue - SMS Board Will Not Move Sections of Courses When Course Name Contains Hyphen(s) - Fixed 7/27/2018

If a course name (CRS.CO) contains one or more hyphens, the SMS Board will pop up an "Invalid Course" message when a section of the course is moved. The SMS Board display will reflect a move for the section, but the section will revert to its original period in the grid when the view is refreshed.

Programming is investigating the issue and a fix will be included in a future release. Until the fix is released, a workaround is to re-name any courses with hyphens, if sections of the course must be moved using the SMS Board. Alternatively, use the Scheduling Master page to move those sections to new periods/teachers.  

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This problem also exists in the 5-25-18 version.

James Lancaster

Aeries Second Level Analyst

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Thank you so much!! It worked :)

Hi, Carole,

Which revision does this problem happen?  Is it on the newest revision June 8, 2018?  We are on older revision May 25, and planning to install a new one.  We have not received any phone calls from schools regarding this problem.  If it does NOT affect 5-25-18 revision, we'll wait for the new revision which has the fix.  Thanks.

Katie Yen


Please also be aware that the SMS Builder is displaying a similar issue:  not functioning properly when a section's course name (CRS.CO) contains a sequence of spaces and hyphens. Both of these issues are being investigated by Programming and will be addressed in a future release. 

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