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Servers Down?

Does anyone know what is happening with Aeries' servers at the moment? Its been down 3 times in the past 2 days, which makes it difficult to prepare report cards for the end of the year. Is this an Aeries error or a site error?


Over the past two days we have experienced increased latency and partial downtime at one of our data centers which affected some of our hosted customers. The root cause was identified as a large DDOS (denial of service) attack. 

We have made system changes and are working with our 2nd Level mitigation team, a DDOS prevention company, our Network Engineers, ISP providers and our Up Stream providers to respond to and mitigate these attacks.  All hosted customers are currently back online. Aeries and our mitigation team will continue to work on solutions to minimize or prevent further interruption of service.

We apologize for this inconvenience at this especially busy time of year.

When the system stops responding and I can't log out, what should I do?

Hi Mirna,

A number of different factors could go into why this is happening to you, many of them not related to Aeries itself (the health of your browser/computer being a big one), but you can always either to refresh the page (F5 or Shift + F5), close the tab and return to the login page, or close the browser and return to the login page thereafter. If you have any more specifics on how/when this occurs, we could probably offer a better answer.



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