Known Issue - API Security Page Creating Blank Certificates Since 8/11 Version - Fixed in the 8/25/2017 Update

An issue has been reported where the API Security page creates a blank Certificate value when adding a new Vendor/Product.


This issue occurs when using Aeries version or later. This issue only affects new Vendor/Product records and not Student Data Sharing LEA records.

Programming has identified and fixed this issue, and the fix is expected to be released with the next Aeries update.


If you are running a version of Aeries that has this issue, please do NOT create any new Vendor/Products until the fix is released and you have updated to the newest version.

Additionally, if you have already created Vendor/Products that received a blank Certificate, those records will need to be deleted and re-added after the fix is released.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and thank you for your patience.

The fix for this was shipped in the Aeries 8/25/2017 update:

API Security - Certificates were not being generated for new entries since the 8.11 version, fixed.

Thank you! Is this update going to be released today?

Yes the fix is scheduled to ship with today's update.

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