Known Issue - Parent Portal changing students via the previous and next student buttons - Fixed 8/8/2017

An issue has been reported affecting the Aeries Parent Portal. When parents change to a student at a different school by using the previous or next buttons next to the student's name, the student's school does not correctly change. This may cause some issues with the Parent Data Confirmation process and potentially other areas of the parent portal. This is not an issue when the parent changes students by using the Change Student drop-down, only the previous/next arrows.

Programming is aware of this issue and we plan to release a fix today.

In the meantime, a workaround has been determined to hide the previous and next buttons from parents by adding the following piece of code to the bottom of the GeneralLight.css file on your server. This will only hide the buttons for parents/students:


.MainParent #prev-student, .MainParent #next-student {
    display: none;


This workaround has been applied to our hosted customers. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact Aeries Support.

This has been fixed with today's 8/8/2017 version of Aeries which has just been released.

The fix for this issue been programmed and has also passed initial QC testing. Stay tuned for an update hopefully later today.

This affects any version with the New UI. The Old UI does not have this issue since it didn't have the forward/backward buttons for parents to change students.

What version is this for?


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